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web design trends in 2022

5 Web Design Trends in 2022

The advent of web design trends in Kolkata has completely changed the marketing scenario. It provides an equal opportunity for every size of business to showcase their potential in front of the globe. To stand apart in this over-crowded market, your website needs to be cutting edge, customer-oriented, eye-catch, and ROI-Driven.

Let us have a look at 5 Web Design trends in 2022

Mobile-friendly Web Designing

Mobile has reached 70-80% of people all around the world. To make your business successful it is crucial must be there for a maximum number of people. The best way is to make your website mobile-friendly, it increases the brand visibility, and chances of conversion get higher.

When the internet is all around us and we can access the internet at any time per our convenience, a mobile-friendly web design is a must. If we see the analytics report we may find that the bounce rate of a non-mobile-friendly website is much higher than that of a mobile-friendly website. So, changing trends need our attention towards optimizing the web design to make it relevant to current web design trends in 2022.

Clean and Simple Design

Clean and simple web design always attracts visitors and provides the best experience of navigation. Most companies look for simple designs and avoid using complicated ones. Your website needs to be revamped in such a manner that it has the potential to engage prospective clients or customers.

The simple design creates a clear picture of the company’s services and products. It also helps the visitors to find the particular information within a fraction of a second.

Broken Grids/Asymmetrical layouts

Designers know very well that a solid grid system is the foundation of a great UI. Nowadays, broken grids or asymmetrical layouts are a very popular web design trend in 2022. Apart from traditional designs, these designs have become incredibly trendy and are growing quickly. Asymmetrical layouts are a superb way to add interest and in-depth in designing the website. The style of the layout includes:

  • Using the unusual placements
  • Use a  layer of different colors and textures
  • Repeating the irregular pattern
  • Use of white space
  • Using the typography you can play around with different colors, font size, margins, spacing, alignments, etc.


Chatbots are a technical feature that is used for automated chat style communication between businesses and visitors. It helps the users to provide instant responses and resolve queries in a moment. Being available 24/7 assists the visitors with prompt solutions without any lag or time delay. Chatbots have become an integral part of every website to give visitors the best experience.

Interactive Backgrounds

It is proved that videos or moving pictures stay for a long time in the brain in comparison to still pictures. Animations, videos, and interactive backgrounds have a great impact on the users and make the user remember the brand or business for a long time. This also speaks a lot about your services and products effectively. People always find it more interesting to watch videos.  Thus using interactive backgrounds will help your brand to gain credibility and be remembered for a long time.


Speed is the utmost important feature that you must keep in mind regarding your website. A slow website gives its users a bad experience and the chances of leaving the website increase. However, a fast-loading website gives a seamless experience to the visitors while browsing it. According to some research, a user can only wait around 3 seconds for a web page to load. So, making a complex website and using excessive content can be a major reason for slow loading. To avoid such hindrances, you should optimize the website properly.

Summing Up

Trends are always changing and to stay relevant is the demand of the ever-changing market. The above-mentioned are web design trends in 2022. This will make your business stands apart from the crowd and helps in the growth of your brand. To grow your brand in every facet, it is crucial to follow the current trends in web design and development.

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